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Home Decor - 5 essentials

After a long search, finally we have selected our dream house. That's itself gives a feel of accomplishment. Nevertheless, as we enter our bare house, the first thought which crosses our mind is - home decor- 'how and when'. As this would be the place, where we would be spending our next many years along with our future generations, we have to be very selective and choosy about getting the right decor for our home. Some of the basic factors which we should count on while buying home decor can be:

§  size of the house

§  budget

§  family members

§  free space available

So, once we have thought about these factors, we can start deciding upon the items which we can buy. Of course, there are various brands and showrooms around which are full of options for us. Today we will discuss about 5 such home decors which we should definitely have in our home and the best thing is they are low on budget and don't require massive space in the house.

§  Lamp shades: Along with having overhead lights in our house, still we should have some lamps shades at some of the selective corners or walls of our house. Lamp shades are the best ways to change the 'mood' of the house. It gives a super experience to sit around. Sometimes, it also helps us to relax and unwind ourselves after a long day work. If we have some collages on the wall, or a piece of art work, putting a lamp shade or a spot light helps it to enhance the beauty of that picture.

§  Art work: Whenever we talk of art work, names like Leonardo or Pablo comes in our mind. Their works are appreciated worldwide but we don't require them in our house. Art work means anything that rejuvenates us when we look at them. It should motivate us, or a work that brings smiles on our faces. It can be a very simple wall picture, but it has to be synced well with our souls. Imagine a sketch done by our kid hanging on our bedroom for years, how special feeling it would be for us and our family!

§  Rugs: Rugs are the easiest ways to pull all the nearby furniture's within a small space. Rugs are smaller in size than a carpet and can be placed anywhere in our house-living rooms, bedrooms, children room, balcony. Rugs can be solid or patterned which should be decided as per the architecture and furniture nearby. It beautifies the look and feel of a room.

§  Study Table: Every house must have a 'study table'. There should be a dedicated place wherein we can sit and work upon, we can read some books or simply do any work which is important. It can hold our favourite fictions, our work documents. A compact study table completes the decor of the house.

§  Candle holders: Be it a special moment, or just to give a bit of cosy and romantic feel to our house, we should have some candle holders placed at some corners of the house. Though not required mostly, but if we want to change the feel of our house, these candle holders can be very handy for those special times.